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Event 4 of 5 – Tuesday, June 28

Event 5 of 5 – Thursday, June 30

Event 1 of 5 – Tuesday, May 31st (View Recaps)

Event 2 of 5 – Thursday, June 2 (View Recaps

Event 3 of 5 – Tuesday, June 14 (View Recaps)

About Our Event!

Each day 2 suppliers will have 20 minutes to update you on the latest and greatest product and trends. See details on your favourite supplier and event registration below, do not miss this opportunity to connect. At least one lucky ticket holder will WIN a FREE SELF PROMO OFFER at each event.

More Info – Day 1 Tuesday, May 31

More Info – Day 2 Thursday, June 2

More Info – Day 3 Tuesday, June 14

More Info – Day 4 Tuesday, June 28

More Info – Day 5 Thursday, June 30

VIP Ticket Holders Have A Chance To Win!

None of us are strangers to Zoom meetings. Many of us know all too well how, dull and unengaging they can be. Not only do we promise to keep things short and engaging, with worth while content from all 10 of our suppliers. We also wanted to make things exciting for those registering in advance, there will be a raffle held at the end of each supplier presentation! One lucky individual will win a FREE SELF-PROMO offer at the end of each presentation.

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Tuesday, May 31
Event 1 of 5 Registration Page – Compass & Peerless

Thursday, June 2
Event 2 of 5 Registration Page – Soft Stuff & Strideline

Tuesday, June 14
Event 3 of 5 Registration Page – Goldstar & Faro

Tuesday, June 28
Event 4 of 5 Registration Page – Ariel & Keystone

Thursday, June 30
Event 5 of 5 Registration Page – Showdown & 3M Post-it

Though VIP tickets are limited, anyone is able to join the live event. On the day of each event you will be able to click to join right from the event registration page!

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Compass Recap – Available Now

Peerless Recap – Available Now

Soft Stuff Recap – Available Now

Strideline Recap – Available Now

Goldstar Recap – Available Now

Faro Recap – Available Now

Ariel Recap – Available June 29

Keystone Recap – Available June 29

Showdown Recap – Available July 1

3M Post-it Recap – Available July 1

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PRG is an award-winning Marketing firm that helps its distributor customers with more than just product. We pride ourselves with offering powerful online tools that help our customers when its’ convenient for them. During this pandemic. we invested in more digital tools – to improve accessibility to our team, our services and most importantly, marketing resources for YOU, our customers. Here are some of the digital tools we now offer. & (client friendly digital collection of flyers, videos, social and Industry stats in both English and French) PRG Product Search page – ALL our supplier product sku’s, downloadable high res. images and pricing in ONE search. All in Canadian dollars – all FOB Canada. Search by colour, price range, industry, application and much more.
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