Canadian made Face Masks

As businesses and workplaces slowly begin to reopen across the country, having a stash of medical face masks is essential to keep yourself and others safe when social distancing is not possible, most notably when shopping or using public transport. The ramp up in mask production across the world has availability becoming less and less of a concern. Realizing you may have customers who are looking for Canadian made masks options, opening up better opportunities to sale to unions, non-profits and government. We are providing an option to sell Canadian made masks available in both adult and children sizes.

Certified and Tested Level 2

• 3 Layer Filtering with Earloops

• Bacterial Filtration Efficiency > 98%

• Blue Colour

• Kids Size Available

Certified and Tested Level 3

• 4 Layer Filtering with Earloops

• Alternative Design to Optimize Fit

• White Colour