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Neil Mihan, BBA
Principal Outside Sales

Team Captain and the man with ideas! His work ethic makes the rest of us look bad.
Capitaine d’équipe et l’homme aux idées! Rend le reste d’entre nous mauvais.

Christy Mihan
Corporate Account Manager

She does it all! A queen of customer service, perfect 10’s across the board!

Bernie Barrette
Bilingual Sales & Marketing

Our nouvel ami who will be running the show in la belle province. So much talent!

People Foundry

  • In an industry where creativity, quality and trust is essential to everyone’s success. PRG exceeds all of these traits and has become the go to partner for me for the over 15 years. With their quick response times, will do attitude and sense of humor makes working them a blast. Going out of their way to help educate and engage everyone is what keeps PRG being the #1 agency in the world of Promo.

    Rob Elsey
  • Neil and the PRG team are the best at what they do in the industry! Outside the box thinkers, first rate customer service and they are always making it easy for distributors to grow their business with their supplier partners, a social media content library and a terrific website. PRG’s partnership with Promo Expo and their continuing education seminars are also an invaluable resource!

    Scott Hulbert
  • I’ve been working with Neil for over 15 years and I still don’t know why his favorite font is Comic Sans.

    Mark Walton